GECKO wall decals / acrylic base lamps / wall lamps

Gecko developed 3 lamp models: Acrylic base, Wall lamp and Floor Lamp


Acrylic base lamps

From comtemporary to tradicional, Gecko’s acrylic base lamps are available in 3 different designs: Minima, Rococo and Bulb, and you can choose from 15 special colors, that when lighted become even more intense.

The clear acrylic base works as an invisible surface to apply the sticker, giving it a sense of ilusion once the light goes on. The sticker hides the lamp socket attached behind the base. We recommend to place it near a wall so you can have a softer light, taking advantage of the indirect light rebated by the wall.

All the lamps come ready to use, you just have to attach the lamp and plug it in. All the models come with a lamp (25W/110v).

acrylic lamp minimal

  acrylic lamp minimal

acrylic lamp bulb

  acrylic lamp rococo

Available colors:
color chart


• 3mm acrylic base with sticker application, lamp,
socket and cable.
• Prefer the use of the dirty white
round lamp of 25W (110v included).
• Ready to use.

click here to see more details


Wall lamps

Gecko’s wall lamps are a simple new ideia to decorate and light up your home. It’s composed by a wall decal plus lamp, socket and cable with light switcher. The lamp on this model in a special kind that softens the light and doesn’t bother the eyes. We recommend the aplllication on the base line of side tables, shelves or even close to the floor.

gecko wall lamp / rococo

  gecko wall lamp / minimal

Available color: only available in black.

How to put your lamp together:

1. apply the sticker to the wall,
2. glue the socket to the wall (see position on the photo above),
3. attach the lamp, plug it and swicth it on.



Floor Lamp

Gecko’s floor lamp was developed specially for 2009 Casa Cor, and is now available for sale in black. Easy to put together and fully functional, it’s perfect for residencial and comercial spaces.

wall/floor lamp


wall/floor lamp

– 1 black acrylic dome
– 1 decal
– 1 eletric kit acrylic base
– 1 eletric kit (lamp, socket and wire
with foot switcher)

How to put it together:

– Apply the decal to the wall, starting from the botton and making sure it’s perfectly aligned 90º.
– Screw the dome to the wall watching the right position.
– Screw the eletric kit base to the wall and fix the socket and wire.
– Attach the lamp and turn it on!

  wall/floor lamp


Available models:

wall lamp rococo

wall lamp minimal

acrylic lamp rococo

acrylic lamp bulb

acrylic lamp minimal

floor lamp




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