37.2 | the pod masters

The Italian architect Francesca Bonesio in collaboration with Nicolas Guiraud, a French photographer, have recently founded in Paris atelier 37.2.
37.2 is an atelier dealing micro-architecture. It is based in Paris and its products and researches develop from the relational and narrative potential of space.
The last Project of atelier 37,2 has been planned in order to turn one of the greatest studio of photography in Paris “Le Petit Oiseau Va Sortir” into a space where Art, Fashion and Architecture melt.
The studio is provided with series of cubes, mobile and intelligent prototypes in order to carry out specific functions.

Cubes air/make up #01, #2
These cubes are made of raw steel 30/10, micro-perforated with laser. Perforations follow a three-folded logic: aesthetic, narrative and functional. They create a transparency effect turning the internal scene into an enigmatic play of glimpsed bodies. Intimacy is preserved even creating walls permeated by air. Eventually they transcribe in Braille alphabet phrases by famous photographers on a face which is still to decode.

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