Branca by Marco Sousa Santos

branca 1

When I was at Tendence 2010, one of my favorite exhibitors was Branca — a new brand by Portuguese designer Marco Sousa Santos. Mr. Design Milk and I both fell for the beauty and simple elegance of the chairs. Branca strives to reignite the bygone era of Portuguese craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics.

The main objective of Branca is “to create a product collection where each piece is the result of an experimental approach, supported by detailed research into the aesthetic and structural qualities of the materials…the products represent design diligence, as each one is the result of ongoing dialogue and experiments between the craftsman and the designer.”

The pieces are made using a combination of handmade skills and digital production tools.

branca 2

branca 3

branca 4

branca 5

branca 6

Chairs that made me gasp for air!


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