Monthly Archives: December 2010

No makeup, no jewellery, no hairdo, no visible clothing, no preference. No smile, no seduction. No reaction.

What’s left is a person without a façade. Someone who has completely left his guard down. There is nothing between you.

This is amplified by the amazingly detailed, hyper realistic photography. Every little detail is exposed – no hiding.

Top that with a 3D effect, and you almost immediately lose the sense of looking at a photo. And actually, you’ve probably never looked more directly into someone’s soul.

That’s the paradox of minimalism: by removing everything, you see everything.


the ball of lights.
2 independent ball halves, fitted with lighting, can be used as separate sources of light, hanging vertically parallel, at the same height or stepped-up. else, they can be joined to form the ball of lights, a spheric delight!