Monthly Archives: March 2011


>>> Berlin based designer Irakli kiziria ( recently sent this idea to Louis Vuitton, knowing that the LVMH group supports various foundations and scientific teams engaged in research related to public health issues. He suggests they launch these condoms for World Aids Day with proceeds going to one of their existing beneficiaries: amFAR, the Foundation for Aids Research. Here’s the stimulating part…where most designer condoms stop at the packaging, the logo is actually molded into the latex for a ribbing effect. No inks or dyes to compromise the latex. >>>


In a town known for its over-the-top decor, the new $3.9 billion Cosmopolitan Hotel, which opened on the Las Vegas Strip in December 2010, is a show-stopper from the moment you walk into the main lobby. Designed by Digital Kitchen, the interior of the resort greets guests with a dazzling electronic art installation. Digital images dance up and down towering illuminated columns, dreamlike and surreal. Technology is integrated seamlessly into the design, offering the flexibility to change and refresh the texture, character and mood of the interior from a central control. It’s entertainment. It’s art. It’s a respite from the slots and roulette table.