Monthly Archives: April 2011

On a magnificent sunny Monday we made our way to a little town on the Yarra River, nestled in a valley between heavily forested mountains, east of Lilydale and on the road to Mount Donna Buang to get away from the city and give a helping hand to a friend who’s building her own house out of straw bales.


There are hundreds of them scattered throughout villages and rural landscapes in the former Yugoslavia. Once the site of pilgrimages by schoolchildren, military veterans, patriots, and mourners who had lost family in WWII, these Spomeniks (monuments) are today rarely visited. Often built out of concrete in a style dubbed Brutalism, these secular totems were meant to endure, impervious to the mere march of time—a testament and continuous witness to the new unity of the historically fractious Balkan states—the unity of all the Slavs, YUGOSLAVIA.