MONAISM – Another Tassie devil

And I guess that’s where they keep all the goof things, like the gourmet farmer, Salamanca market and MONA. The amazing, intriguing, frightening and mostly wowing museum of old and new art.


I took the ferry from Hobart, sat comfortably inside and was served with a glass of fine champagne. 45 min later we arrived at MONA’s jetty that led to a short (99 stairs) climb up the hill to the museum entrance.


Behind two heavy steel sliding doors, I was greeted and got my O. The iPod touch that is able to know your location and tell you all about the pieces around you. Didn’t leave my pocket – I enjoyed not knowing what they meant or who they are or what they wanted me to think.

A spiral staircase takes you down. 3 stories down, into the ground where you start to grasp the sheer size of this place, this project. It’s like the hill was cut in the middle and half of it was removed and then rebuilt, with a whole lot of concrete!

At the bottom of the staircase, a long and narrow corridor leading to… a bar. You’d better have a drink before you go in… you turn and this is where it all starts. Lights flickering, waterfall of words from the internet spraying, video art projecting on the walls and the floors, robotic arms swivel light torches, paintings, collages, assemblage, sculptures hanging from the ceiling, lying on the ground and coming from the walls. Art all over the place.

IMG_2494.MOV Watch on Posterous

After walking for almost 3 hours amongst the bizarre, the funny and the shocking, I came to realize I got what was promised – a tour to an underground adult Disneyland.

IMG_2455.MOV Watch on Posterous

You’re invited to touch and interact with some of the exhibits and other touches you – at the end of the last hall there is a door to a round tunnel. You walk in and it all vibrates around you and into you. I felt my blood cells jumping in my veins. That’s how it must felt in Woody Allen’s Orgasmatron.
From sensations of the body to those of the mind, at the end of the tunnel you arrive at the library.


We left the building after a short visit to the museum shop (as you do) that mostly sells book. So I got one.


We then checked in to one of the 3 local restaurants, had a glass of the local wine (didn’t rock my test buds) and a quick bite to eat, 99 stairs down and back on the last ferry to Hobart.

The current exhibition ends in a month or so. GO!


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