This is my recent art purchase. I saw it first when I arrived at the gallery to install my piece ORA for the 'Sculpture 2011 – Flourish' exhibition.
It was love at first sight! For myself it was as if this little man carry his dreams, pull them forward to fruition. I felt his efforts as if there were mine.

Only after I purchased this magnificent symbolic piece, I looked into the artist's description.
And to be honest I had to look the word 'juggernaut' in the dictionary: "a huge wagon bearing an image of a god" and "something that demands blind devotion or merciless sacrifice"

(I here by rest my case!)

Then, at the opening night, I met Terry and had a quick chat with this lovely man. Terry lives in Frankston but was born in North England.
He migrated with his wife to Australia and since he retired in 2007, returned to painting and sculpture and is currently studying a Diploma of Visual Arts at Chisholm Institute.

This encounter made it all even more worthwhile.


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