Monthly Archives: January 2012

Photography by Ivan Lee (IJ Productions)

Tuesday, 31st Jan 2012. 70 Oxford St, Darlinghurst, NSW

He Made She Made are a collective of emerging creatives who challenge the borders between art and design.

HMSM creates and curates works that fit comfortably within either paradigm, bringing to life objects that might be considered art, but often encompass the functionality and utility of a design piece.

The He Made She Made concept gallery aims to showcase and promote the work of up and coming Australian creatives whom are otherwise under-represented.



George Angelovski is an Australian artist living and working in the city of Melbourne. Primarily working with photography George explores the masculine principle of desire with feminine imagination. His intuitive technique investigates the psychologically broken, yet emotionally guarded where time can then awaken the corridors of the mind. His current introspection promises to explore the liberation from fear. 

LUKAS is born from a collaborative process with lighting artist ilanel, whose philosophy encompass spatial relationships and the creation of touch points between people, artefacts and their evolving environments. Fitted with remotely controlled RGB LEDs, LUKAS mediates between light and darkness through transparent colour. The piece enables personalisation, enhancing subjective emotional meaning depicted by the image through coloured illumination.