10 days, 2 states, 1 territory, 2000km. Xmas 11.

No I’m not slacking! I was on holidays! Took some time off to enjoy the country side and the stunning places this country got to offer just around the corner.

We started in Cohuna and had a great Xmas lunch with the family. Little country town situated on the Gun Bower Creek. It’s got a big water tower that always reminds me of the Warner Brothers one in LA. Cant compare, I know!

After almost 3 days of non stop eating, we left on our way to Deniliquin (also known as Deni) and whizzed through it on our way to Jerilderie (you try to pronounce it…) and then to Urana, where we stopped for a rest by the beautiful peaceful lake, right next to the monstrous army tank! ha?![[posterous-content:pid___6]]

Back in the car and on our way to Wagga Wagga for a night over. We got welcomed by a gaggle of geese! which made me wonder if that’s the reason for the town’s name… Gorgeous country town, very green and happy and had the best coffee outside Melbourne! We also had a quick bite at a local beer brewery where they make their own beer and serve the best food.[[posterous-content:pid___11]]

We had a restful night at a local hotel and the next day was spent sight seeing around town. We visited the local botanical gardens where they also had a little zoo and we even had a chance to pet and feed the roos. Might sound like a kid but there’s no other way to behave next to these adorable animals!

Quick lunch and off to the capital not before stopping in Yass and admiring the stunning surrounding vistas.[[posterous-content:pid___43]]

We arrived in Canberra on a beautiful clear blue sky day, drove around the man-made lake and took in as much as we could from the architectural collection that was on display. 

No idea why so many people dislike Canberra. I actually like it. It’s open and airy. It’s got a beautiful lake. Amazing architecture, museums and galleries. Great bars and restaurants and plenty to choose from.

The next morning I woke up early to go for a ride around the lake. Since it was the first time I didnt know what to expect. 32km of pure pleasure. From fully paved paths around the parliament house and the NGA to off road winding parts with kangaroos and astonishing birds. There were even cows and horses, boats and kayaks. Houses on the edge of the water (wrong!), lawns galore and uninterrupted bushland.[[posterous-content:pid___19]]

Later that day, we jumped in the car and drove 30 min out of town to have lunch in an Israeli restaurant nestled amongst olive groves. The food was as close to home as I can remember and I even got to meet the head chef and had a quick chat (in Hebrew of course) with him. Funny what you find in the middle of nowhere :)[[posterous-content:pid___35]]

We spent few days in Canberra, enough to visit the Renaissance Exhibition at the NGA, a quick stroll around the (not so impressive) Gallery of Australian Design (GAD), few bike rides around the lake, dinner at a local designer bar (awful seats) and the highlight – NYE! picnic by the lake with a bunch of people from around the world, international food (we got some Tahini and felafel balls), champagne and fireworks! [[posterous-content:pid___27]]

The next morning we packed ourselves and headed to Cooma. Passed through this one since there was nothing there to write home about and crossed the magnificent Great Dividing Range on our way to Merimbula via Bega.

[[posterous-content:pid___33]]Now Merimbula is a piece of heaven on earth. Pristine sandy beaches, lakes surrounded by sloping hills covered in gum trees, oyster farms, winding boardwalk along the shores and mostly unreal views. We anchored for one night in a lovely boutique hotel called Robyn’s Nest that was situated on the main road in to town on private few acres of bushland with private access to one of the lakes. Cannot do anything but relax! Ahhh the good life!


After check in we couldn’t get ourselves any quicker to the nearest beach. Jump into the icy water and then bit of sunbathing to defrost. Back to the hotel for a shower and a nap and then stroll along the boardwalk to get our bellies full. Oysters for starters!

Next morning we crossed the boarder back to Victoria and arrived at Mallacoota.  It’s located at the edge of Croajingolong National Park which is a world heritage park and has been for many years a favorite spot amongst the caravan+boat vacationists. We even met few friends there that took us for a spin on their speed boat. Fun![[posterous-content:pid___31]]

Back in the car on our way to Lakes Entrance. Since we visited the place early in the year we didn’t feel like sight seeing so instead we jumped in the hotel pool, shower, nap and out to splurge in a local ‘one hat restaurant’ – The boathouse. Expensive but worth every cent. Yum!

The next morning we headed to Sale. Had our brunch and continued to Woodside beach. Just like the rest of 90 mile beach, it’s very beginning is as breathtaking. It felt almost prehistoric. Untouched.  A walk on the beach, dip in the water, an apple and back to the car. Next stop Sandy Point Beach.

We parked the car and climbed the sand dune and… there are no words to describe it. Do yourself a favor and put it on your bucket list!
[[posterous-content:pid___39]]From the beach to the mountains. We arrived in Gippsland and stopped at Toora to admire the wind farms (cant get enough of these majestic giant dancers).[[posterous-content:pid___44]]That’s it, Melbourne is just around the corner. Dandenong Road, Left at Dickens. Unpack the car, get the laundry going, grab a beer and kick back. We’re home!

(Did somebody say Mildura in Easter? might be… see what the rabbit will bring đŸ™‚




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