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This magnificent array of Rain Drops is installed above the kitchen island of a private residence in Albert Park, Melbourne.

Notice the reflections on the ceiling and bench – this is why we called it ‘Rain’!



<p>Coca Cola – 125th Year Exhibition from Antilop on Vimeo.</p>

As part of its 125th anniversary, Coca-Cola has turned a 90-square-meter space in Istanbul into a 3D light installation developed by Turkish creative agency Antilop.

Moving images and lines display Coca-Cola’s logo in a dizzying exhibition that uses a 270-degree projection system, taking visitors through an experience that allows them to be immersed in the brand.


Tim Gruchy’s SCOUT or ‘Sentient Co-relator of Urban Transaction’ is a fickle creature. Touch it, talk to it, dance in front of it, expose it to light, darkness and changes in temperature and the response it will incite will vary each time.

This incredible large-scale multimedia sculptural installation standing tall in Britomart’s Takutai Square makes use of sophisticated mathematical programming allowing it to interpret stimuli and determine associated responses. Each exchange or interaction such as a touch or a change in weather is based on a complex set of algorithms, turning what SCOUT sees, feels and hears into a different audio and visual experience for the visitor.

Conceived by the Welsh-born New Zealand multi-media artist and visual musician, Tim Gruchy, the concept of SCOUT is something akin to the monolithic devices in Kubrik’s ‘‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, where machines seek out intelligent life.

“The pursuit of artificial intelligence has long been a driver in the evolution of computing,” says Gruchy.

“I like the idea of SCOUT as a benevolent, non-human intelligent entity that engages with its environment and the people within it, transacting in the urban space.”

The 8m tall monolithic structure consists of an engineered steel frame covered on three sides by coated fibreboard. The fourth side comprises a video wall that generates abstract visuals in response to data gathered from its environment. In a New Zealand art and cultural context Gruchy’s SCOUT is a first.

The next time you find yourself in Auckland’s Britomart be sure to stop by and say hello, or simply reach out and touch Auckland’s first digital sentry.

via design milk

Portuguese designer Tó Martins is doing something with old washing machine parts you’d never have expected: he’s making lamps out of them. Using old washing machine drums, Martins creates a lamp — called Rewash — whose shade can be customized with just about anything you’d like. So far, he’s made them with fake grass, cork, measuring tapes, steel roses and tons of other materials. What would you cover yours with?

Sunday morning started with coffees, for him and for her.


Then a stroll along St Kilda beach where it was all in prep to the afternoon festival. Left turn to the pier to watch the magnificent city views and strike few poses.


We stopped to admire the massive earphones installation that was made from thousands of flavoured milk cartons, shook our booty to the dance music they played [[posterous-content:pid___8]]and continued to Linden Gallery to watch the annual postcard show. [[posterous-content:pid___5]]

Noticed a sculpture by Terry Barclay and couple of phone calls after it was bought by my friend Alex!


Then gym, a 2 hours massage and home for dinner. Blissful Sunday!

Cards by Bean is a range of charming greeting cards for specific occasions, non-occasions, and situations.

They offer cards for the very important days and for the regular days; for the overachiever, the adventurer, and for the redheads; for no reason, for a very good reason, and for the perfect made-up reason!

If you have a redhead friend, a bespectacled brother, a handsome boyfriend, or a proud new cat owner in your life, these cards are a recipe for a smile. But you don’t really need a reason to make someone feel a little special, do you? They probably deserve it just for being cool as hell.

We’re constantly running across photos of truly jaw dropping staircases. So much of the time, stairs look as if they were ignored until the last minute of the design process, but not in these cases. Check out some of our favorite staircasess that we’ve come across:

20+ Beautiful Modern Staircases

Let’s start out with a staircase we’ve talked about before: Ribbon Stairs. Designed by HŠH Architects to mimic a delicate rippling ribbon, these stairs are beautiful but maybe a little scary to run up and down when you’re in a hurry.

20+ Beautiful Modern Staircases

Italian company 14 Ora Italiana has a collection of wood grain porcelain tiles that were inspired by the works of Andy Warhol. The Uonuon line comes in fourteen colors that are featured on this colorful and fun staircase.

20+ Beautiful Modern Staircases
Photo by Filip Dujardin

These stairs belong in House G by Maxwan Architects + Urbanists, in which a barn received a complete makeover. The planes of the stairs become a part of the wall shelves in a unique setup for book storage as well as kitchen storage.

20+ Beautiful Modern Staircases

The Grove Park project from Bell Phillips Architects features a staircase that is “created from a complex geometry of folded triangular facets which appear to float effortlessly within the space.” [via Plastolux]

20+ Beautiful Modern Staircases
Photo by Christopher Duff

These stairs that lead to a loft bedroom are by nC2 architecture in Brooklyn, NY. They incorporate extra shelving with the use of alternate treads and are the ultimate in being spatially efficient.

20+ Beautiful Modern Staircases
Photo by Kristina Hrabetová

Architecture firm Atelier SAD created another amazing alternate tread staircase that doubles as a bookshelf.

20+ Beautiful Modern Staircases

Yet another amazing staircase/bookshelf combo. This one is from Kathryn Tyler of Linea Studio’s own Scandinavian-inspired home. The Corkellis House does away with upper level kitchen cabinets and instead uses open shelving, as well as the staircase shelves, to house all of the kitchen-related items.

20+ Beautiful Modern Staircases
Photo by Hertha Hurnaus

The eco-friendly Blue House, designed by architect Pieter Weijnen of Faro Architecten, features modern nautical touches throughout. The architect built the house for his family on Steigereiland, one of Amsterdam’s artificial islands, and the stairs appear to float in the air without support. Steel cables are placed on the sides for safety.

20+ Beautiful Modern Staircases
Photo by Daici Ano

The warm wood and metal of the 2-story winding staircase in House S, by Keiji Ashizawa, allows light to flow through the airy house and creates massive amounts of visual interest. [via designboom]

20+ Beautiful Modern Staircases

How could I do a post about stairs and not include the rainbow spiral staircase designed by Ab Rogers Design that we featured last year from The Rainbow House?

20+ Beautiful Modern Staircases
Photo by X. Lucas

These steel floating stairs in Flat #1 by Ecole are simply amazing and a true statement of minimalism.

20+ Beautiful Modern Staircases
Photo by Nils Clauss

Located in what is known as the Godzilla House  by Chae-Pereira Architects in Seoul, Korea, these suspended stairs float along a curved wall and are lit by the hidden windows above.

20+ Beautiful Modern Staircases

This loft duplex designed by architect Charlie Diaz in downtown Madrid, Spain, features an unusual staircase that is the ultimate example of space saving.

20+ Beautiful Modern Staircases

These unusually deep stairs, and the 4-stories of house surrounding them, come with the rather large price tag of $38 million. The iconic NYC property, designed by Paul Rudolph, has seen many a famous person inside including Halston and Gunter Sachs, who were both previous owners.

20+ Beautiful Modern Staircases

Italian architecture firm Studioata designed this small space with an office/studio loft above that is connected by simple floating white stairs. [via Freshome]

20+ Beautiful Modern Staircases

This small, uniquely shaped house calls for a small, uniquely shaped staircase and that’s just what Kyoto-based Alphaville Architects designed.

20+ Beautiful Modern Staircases

Designed by Castroferro Arquitectos, these extra-wide stone stairs with wood treads on top match the floating wood stairs above, all with enough room to store books on the sides.

20+ Beautiful Modern Staircases

From MO Architekten, concrete stairs with cord crisscrossing to form the sides of the railing — yes please! Just think of all the fun colors you could string when you get bored with this one. [via Plastolux]

20+ Beautiful Modern Staircases

While not walkable, this piece of fabric architecture by artist Do Ho Suh is a 1:1 replica of the staircase that connects his apartment to his landlord’s. The piece is entitled Staircase III and it is displayed at the Tate Modern in London.

20+ Beautiful Modern Staircases

Talk about maximizing every inch of space! These bookshelf stairs are some of the coolest we’ve seen.

20+ Beautiful Modern Staircases

You can’t write a post about stairs and not include the Trippy Stairs that we featured last year. They are certainly some of the most unique stairs we’ve ever seen and most definitely, well, trippy.

20+ Beautiful Modern Staircases

And last, but certainly not least, are these spiral wood stairs that are just as sculptural as they are functional. Definitely one of our favorites.

Do you have any to add?