Proposal for a new Australian Flag


Russell Kennedy designed a proposal for a new Australia Flag which he hops will replace the current Australian Flag by the year 2020. Not only did he design the new national flag but he also thought of the wider use, such as representing unity thought the design and diversity thought colour.

Russell says that: “Australians should respect the current flag whether we like its colonial design or not. It has served the country well over the years through both time of adversity and triumph, however it has become clear that as a nation we have outgrown it. Australian has reached a point in time where a change is not only necessary but also long overdue.”

A blue Kangarroo is the main distinctive feature on the Advance Australia National Flag and is one of Australia’s most recoginsable symbols. The yellow area represents the sun and is a link to the Aboriginal Flag. One particular feature was taken over from the current flag and that is the Southern hemisphere symbol of the Southern Cross which are the 5 white stars on the blue area.

Dr. Denis Whitehouse says that: “Instantly recognisable as Australian, this flag has the potential to present a positive and distinctive image internationally and nationally. Open to multiple applications by different interest groups, it is a flag that speaks of the power of the rich diversity and questioning that constitutes Australian culture.”

As you can see above, different colours can be applied to the flag to represent different organisations and state territories. One important part of this new design is the advance Australia reconciliation ensign which shares the design of the Advance Australia National Flag but features the colours of the Australian Aboriginal Flag (red, black, yellow), which was designed by Harold Thomas in 1972.


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