Description from David Trubridge:

There is a Maori creation myth in which the gods gave to humans three baskets containing the knowledge they needed to live on Earth. They hold the knowledge of the natural world Kete Arounui (bamboo basket), spiritual world Kete Tuaatea (polycarbonate basket) and our rational world Kete Tuauri (aluminium basket). The knowledge needs to be in balance for us to live harmoniously on Earth. The light source is an energy efficient and long lasting LED spot light.


Vasiliy Butenko has recently created the Seed Light. It would seem flat lamp, in profile is a interesting form of seed, half of which are connected by zipper. Zipper is not only design in addition, it simplifies the process of replacing light bulbs. Material lamp-pressed paper.


Arik Levy has designed a new series of lights called WellOfLife. He says, “In many traditions and in everyday life Light is Life…. I wanted to combine this idea with the story of catching the light in a water bucket, from which I got the inspiration for the Well.” I like how they are elephant-coloured with pops of colours inside.


Each of the so-called Lumi-pops has a diameter of close to 1.5 metres. The installation is based on the additive and subtractive colour mixing techniques of the colour theory. The coloured fluorescent tubes, which are chosen to match the primary and secondary colours, and colour gels are selected by design from the visible spectrum. The precise wavelength is filtered through the fluorescent tubes and then filtered again through the purple tint Perspex. The overall lighting effect is one of white light in the space, while each individual luminaire appears to be a different colour.


“Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum; it takes collaboration with creative, like-minded individuals who can explore the possibilities from multiple angles and areas of expertise in an organic and authentic way,” said Van der Heide. “Working closely with B. Åkerlund and the members of The Black Eyed Peas, we were able to integrate OLED and LED technologies into the set design through fashion to create something truly unique to kick off their 2011 tour.”